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Mrs. Sarah Rosenthal

We read The Crucible aloud in class, helping the students with connections and motivations of the characters. 

A favorite quotes of mine from one of the greatest novels.

State testing can be overwhelming for many students, so I try to incorporate some preparation during English 3. Khan Academy is an excellent tool to help as well, click on the link.

Good luck Juniors! 

Eng. 3 - American Literature

Key Links for Class

A4 Code:

username: classof2022

B1 Code:        B2 Code:

password: juniors

Unit 1 - Native American Literature

  • Narratives and Myths
  • Written work: Myth

Unit 2 - The Puritan Encounters

  • The Crucible play
  • Written work: Argumentative Essay

Unit 3 - The Realms of Darkness

  • Gothic Literature pieces
  • The Fall of the House of Usher
  • Sweeney Todd and the Demonh Barber
  • Written work: Persusaive Essay

Unit 4 - The Civil War Era & Aftermath

  • Autobiographies: Frederick Douglas and Harriet A. Jacobs
  • A. Bierce & S. Crane - short stories
  • Written work: Research Paper

Unit 5 - Age of Realism 1880-1914

  • B. Harte, M. Twain, K. Chopin and J. London - short stories
  • M. Twain - Satire piece
  • Written work: Satirical Essay

Unit 6 - The Moderns 1914-1939

  • Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby
  • Harlem Renaissance poetry
  • Written work: Persuasive Essay

Unit 7 - The Contemporary Period

  • T. O'Brien, A. Tyler, A. Tan and J. Updike - short stories
  • W.H. Auden, E. Bishop, A. Sexton, S. Plath, G. Brooks, B. Collins etc... - poetry
  • Written work: Poetry Anthology

Unit 8 - SAT prep

  • Introduced second semester, applied throughout the semester using Khan Academy

*Additional Units/Assignments/Projects TBD*