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Mrs. Sarah Rosenthal

Key Links for Class


username: 2021

B4 Code:

password: seniors

Unit 1: College Prep

  • College research and background
  • Personal statements and Questions

Unit 2: Shakespeare

  • As You Like It - comedy
  • Written by: Shakespeare
  • Written work: Comparison Essay

Unit 3: Anglo-Saxon Life/Middle Ages

  • Beowulf
  • Chaucer - The Pardoner's Tale & The Wife of Bath's Tale
  • Ballads - Lord Randall, Get Up and Bar the Door & Edward, Edward
  • Written work: Ballad

Unit 4: The Renaissance

  • The Princess Bride novel
  • Written work: Movie Review

Unit 5: The Romantic Period 1798-1832

  • Poetry
  • Written work: Poem Collection

Unit 6: Restoration and the 18th Century 1660-1800Research Paper

  • Jonathan Swift - A Modest Proposal
  • Written work: Research Papers - persusaive writing

Unit 7: Victorian Period 1832-1901

  • Frankenstein Novel
  • Written work: Narrative/Descriptive Writing

Unit 8: Modern/Contemporary

  • The Devil in the White City
  • Written work: Journals and Essay

*Additional Units/Assignments/Projects TBD*

There will be a field trip to Spring Green, WI

on September 25th.

We will be watching the performance of MacBeth.

Make sure to bring a sack lunch! Check out the website:

During the Frankenstein Unit,

students construct their own monster/creation and write a short story about the creature.

This projects showcases creativity in a wonderful way!